The Frames

Our doors can come with a number of frame types. We offer a primed finger jointed pine frame that is our price point frame. These frames will last as long as paint is applied and maintained yearly.

We also offer a vinyl wrapped frame which is the same pine material wrapped in vinyl to take away the need for paint. These frame will stand the test of time. The drawback of vinyl wrapped is that the vinyl can be punctured or scratched. The bottom of the jamb (door frame) is also exposed primed wood allowing the possibility of rot if the door frame is not properly sealed to the house.

Our most superior frame is our composite frame. This frame is made to be maintenance free, rot free and mildew free. These frames can be painted to whatever colour you like. All of our frames are screw fastened and come with high quality hardware and weatherstripping.

Fiberglass Doors Technology

Fiberglass doors offer some advantages that steel cannot. Fiberglass will not warp rot rust or dent. Fiberglass doors have great thermal performance providing insulating value to your home. We offer smooth doors as well as wood grain. They can be painted to a custom color or stained to look just like wood. Our fiberglass doors come pre-finished white with a valid warranty. Fiberglass doors are often sold unfinished and require paint or a finish to validate the warranty. Fiberglass doors come in many different sizes and styles.They can be accompanied by a wide variety of clear or decorative door glass. The upfront cost of a fiberglass door is sometimes higher than steel but no maintenance and long lasting durability make it a worthwhile choice.

Steel Doors Technology

All Novatech steel entrance doors offer stylized embossments which create a beautiful look for your door. Our doors have a structure made from wood components and contain a 24G steel skin thickness, which meets the CAN/CGSB-82.5-M88 standard.

Patio Doors Technology

Pioneer supplies and installs PH Tech patio doors.

Extremely resistant PVC
We spent many years researching and developing our exclusive PVC formula. The result is unparalleled resistance to impacts, no discoloration from the sun, and no flaking or chipping, even after years of use.

Exceptional Thermal & Sound Insulation
Because of its multi-chamber structure (8 cavities), heat and cold transitions are gradually made and thermal (and sound) exchanges are reduced as much as possible.

Limited Friction Wheels
Our rollers are made of a superior quality material that not only protects the track against abrasion and wear marks but will also roll with ease for years.
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  • Stony Mountain, Manitoba
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