Our awning windows are manufactured with high quality products and include the following benefits.

  • Maintenance free (no rust, corrosion, pitting, swelling or blistering)
  • Triple pane glass or Dual pane
  • Triple weather seals for superior air infiltration performance
  • Interior mounting screens
  • Double layer of pvc on all screw fastened hardware for longer life span of operation
  • Impact resistant .080 pvc thickness (thicker than almost all vinyl mfg's)
  • Fusion welded corners for an air and watertight system.
  • Multi chamber construction for rigidity and increased insulating value
  • uPVC (100% virgin pvc resin)
  • Warm white (not blue white)
  • Optional interior finishing and trim options on installed product.
  • Patented hidden drainage system
  • Snap in glass stops for easy unit replacement
  • LowE and Argon glass options available
  • Made for Manitoba
Awning NAFS 08/A440 Testing
Class LC-PG50-APy
Design pressure (DP) = 2400 Pa (50.0 psf)
Water penetration resistance test pressure = 730 Pa (15.0 psf)
Canadian air infiltration / exfiltration level = A3 Levely
Forced Entry Resistance: Grade 30
Energy Star Ratings (Based on Triple Low-E 2 Argon)
0.21 (1.19)
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
Visible Transmittance
Condensation Resistance
Energy Rating (ER)
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