Factory Direct Window Installations

With 25 years of experience our factory trained installers take pride in installing our Manitoba made windows. We ensure that all steps of the install are done right the first time. Our after install service and warranty insures your peace of mind. We are insured and bonded and we will remove all debris and old windows from your home. We use only high quality installation materials to ensure that the lifetime of our windows is accompanied by life lasting caulking, spray foam insulation and trim.

Casement Windows

Casement windows open from the side and can open left or right. Casement windows open outward by cranking a handle on the interior. Casement windows are ideal for when ventilation is required. They open up a large area and seal tight with 3 weather seals when closed with a multipoint lock. Casement windows are more secure to break-ins when locked. Casement windows are ideal for when fire code (egress) is required in a bedroom.
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Awning Windows

Awning windows open outward from the bottom. They are operated by cranking a handle on the interior. Awning windows will not leak water when opened while it's raining. Awning windows seal tight with 3 weather seals when closed. Awning windows are more secure to break-ins when locked. Awnings are common for kitchens and bathrooms.
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Fixed & Picture Windows

Fixed picture frames are better suited for casement and awning windows as they match the profile. Regular picture frames are a slim profile for when a larger viewing area is desired.
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Horizontal & Vertical Sliders

Vertical Sliders (single hung) move up and down while horizontal sliders move left and right. Sliders interlock and provide a good seal when closed. Slider windows are generally less expensive than casement and awning windows.
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Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and Bow windows are composed of multiple window frames that extend from the exterior of your home. These windows often include casements for ventilation. Bays and Bows are customizable to fit and maintain the look of your home. We can build our Bay and Bow windows to custom angles and dimensions. We also build windows that have a 90 degree corner for special applications. Bay and Bow windows are often used to create increased living space and window seats.

Shapes, Combinations & Transoms

At Pioneer the possibilities are endless with shapes, combinations and transoms. We manufacture specific to your needs. Whether it is an angled shape or a curved shape we can manufacture to fit.

Egress Windows

In Manitoba every bedroom that does not have a sprinkler system or exterior door requires an egress window. This is required by building codes for fire escape in the event of an emergency. An egress window must be operable with out special tools or knowledge. It also must provide a clear opening of 3.77 square feet and have no dimension less than 15". Where a window requires to be installed with a window well on the exterior, a space of 30" must be provided from the exterior of the window.

Often basement windows do not comply with egress. We convert non egress windows into egress windows. This often requires us to cut down openings in concrete basement walls or enlarge existing openings. This process often requires a permit.

The Advantage of Pioneer Windows

Pioneer Window & Door manufactures all of its windows in Manitoba. Our windows are manufactured using high quality product so they will stand up to Manitoba weather. Our window are custom made to suit the look and function of your home. We use only high quality sealants and rust proof hardware making our windows maintenance free. All of our operating windows include 3 weather seals to ensure there are no drafts and leaks into your home. Our windows can come with triple pane or dual pane glass with Low-E and Argon. Our windows also have a patented drainage system so that the water does not build up and leak into your home. With multi point locks standard on all casements and fully integrated interlocks our windows are secure to break ins. Our profile thickness is one of the thickest in the industry at a standard wall thickness of .080". We offer a number of interior trim options to match the interior of your home. We also can put on custom trims as you need. We don't have standard paint colours but rather offer any colour you can provide a sample for with no extra charge for custom colour. Our windows are warm white (if not painted) which has better curb appeal than blue white windows.
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