Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Best Custom Windows and Doors

Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Best Custom Windows and Doors

custom windows and doors in Winnipeg, MB

It’s not easy to get great custom windows and doors in Winnipeg, MB. It’s a fairly involved process with a lot of steps, and even more options. From finding the best contractor to actually ordering the windows, it can be tough. However, it doesn’t have to be so hard.

Use the following tips and tricks to finding, choosing, and purchasing the best custom windows and for your home.

  1. More Money Doesn’t Necessarily Mean More Quality

Wouldn’t it be great if windows and doors were accurately priced to reflect quality and performance? Unfortunately in our current world you can’t always trust pricing to reflect quality in the custom window and door industry. While some more expensive or high-end brands do make amazing products, there are plenty of cost effective options that are just as effective, visually appealing, and functional.

Instead of relying on a door or window’s price tag for guidance, read the rating label. This label tells you how effective the window is in terms of energy efficiency. The most important ratings are U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, and Visible Transmittance.

  1. Take Winnipeg Weather Into Consideration

You need to make sure your windows and doors match Winnipeg’s climate requirements. Winnipeg has a fairly wide range of weather patterns, from hot in the summer to cold in the winter, and dry to wet. You need custom doors and windows that can effectively separate your indoor climate from the outdoor one to keep you and your family comfortable.

Thankfully, Energy Star, a government supported program that rates windows, has compiled a list of ratings perfect for Winnipeg. Visit the Energy Star website to learn more about the best ratings.

  1. Stick to the Budget

Custom doors and windows are a big up font investment, so you need to budget accordingly and spend your money where you need it most. Window and door upgrades like stained glass can easily increase your overhead installation costs by up to 50 percent, so rather than over spending on fancy tags or attractive upgrades, really focus on what your windows and doors need to make your home comfortable and functional. Don’t cut the corners for things like:

  • The frame is the basis of the entire window and door structure. Don’t shy away from investing in high-quality frames.
  • Insulated glass is easily added to doors and windows to increase energy efficiency.
  • Low-E Coating is a transparent additive for glass panels that reflects heat back in during the winter and out during the summer.

One more tip for getting the best custom windows and doors is to choose Pioneer Window & Door Mfg Ltd. We offer premium Winnipeg, MB custom window and door services with years of industry experience. We would love to service you and your family. Stop by our shop located at 8 Fast Lane Headingley, MB, R4H 0C5 to meet us in person. You can also call (204) 889-8422 for more information.

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