When to Order Your Replacement Windows

When to Order Your Replacement Windows

replacement windows on your Winnipeg, MB

From carefully measuring to making sure any new items arrive on time, such as new replacement windows for your Winnipeg, MB home, every home renovation project needs a lot of organization and careful planning. You need to make sure that your new windows arrive when you need them. If they are delivered too early, they will sit around and get in the way, but if they arrive too late, they can disorganize your entire timeline.

If getting new windows for your home is something you see in your future, be sure to take time to plan out your timeline. Not only will this ensure you’re not stresses out or disappointed, but it can also save you money as express shipping or expedited orders can cost a premium. Try to work backwards from when you want the windows to come up with your ideal ordering date.

In order to make sure that you get your new windows at the right time you need to order them at the right time. The delivery timeline of your windows depends on a few factors:

  • Where the Windows are Made – Your blind’s delivery time also depends on where the windows are made. American-made windows can be made and delivered to places in the United States sometimes as quick as 2 or 4 weeks. On the other hand, windows made overseas can take between 5 and 6 weeks for manufacturing and transit from the overseas facility.
  • What Kind You Choose – Different types of windows take different times to be delivered. For example, pre-made windows can be delivered quickly while custom windows take much longer. More budget-friendly windows often take longer to be delivered as they are generally made overseas and have to be shipped.
  • Color Matching – Trying to match an existing color in your home always adds additional time. The added time is necessary for looking at swatches and ordering and reviewing color samples. It’s important to look at samples in person as photos can vary in tone, brightness and even texture. Requesting color samples takes a few extra days, but tis always worth it.
  • Custom Details – If your windows require special modifications or details you need to add at least a week or two to the delivery timeline. These modifications, like custom color matching, require extra time not only for production but also for the additional approvals and reviews needed to ensure you are completely satisfied with the end result. You should budget at least 7 to 8 weeks for more specialized windows.
  • Your Ordering Process – Most window businesses have unique ordering processes to make sure that customers are happy with the end result. These processes can entail in-home consultations, taking measurements, reviews and confirmations. Consult with your window professional for an accurate timeline.

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