Different Kinds of Bay Windows

Different Kinds of Bay Windows

replacement windows on your Winnipeg, MB

If you’re looking to add replacement windows to your Winnipeg, MB home, you should definitely consider choosing bay windows as they open up your home with plenty of fresh, natural light, add timeless style, and even create a practical space for you to use for a window seat or garden ledge.

But did you know that there are a few different kinds of bay windows to choose from for your home? Some of the different kinds of bay windows include:

  1. Canted Bay Window are what most people think of when they picture a bay window as they have the traditional shape made up of a flat, parallel front pane and slanted side panes. Canted bay windows have at least three panes, and often have four, and are most commonly seen on Victorian homes.
  2. Bow Bay Windows get their name from the gentle curving shape that sets them apart from other kinds of bay windows. They are made out of four casement windows that are gently curved outward into a slight arch shape. Generally larger than box or other kinds of bay windows, bow windows give more space to the interior of the home as well as more natural light. Additionally, they create a larger footprint on the exterior of the home. Homeowners can use bow windows for any place that could fit a linear bay window.
  3. Box Bay Windows are ideal for homeowners that want the look and feel of a bay window but don’t want to deal with repositioning, removing or adding walls. These windows get their name from the boxy shape created by three windowpanes with a small roof-like overhang. Box bay windows look flat when viewed from outside the home, as if the siding was bumped out to make space for the window. Flexible enough to be placed anywhere inside the home, these windows are also less expensive to install than other kinds of bat windows.
  4. Oriel Bay Windows are most commonly found over the entrances to buildings, usually where a porch would be but on the second floor rather than the first. This is where their name comes from as “oriel” is closely related to the Latin word for porch. These windows are more Gothic in style and are perfect for adding natural light to a dark or narrow second-floor hallway, or for creating a reading nook on the second floor.

It’s easy to order bay windows that are custom made to fit any size, style or shape of your home. From smaller bay windows for cozy spaces to large floor to ceiling bay windows that create plenty of dramatic effect. So, if none of these kinds of bay windows seem like they would fit on your home, you can always order a custom bay window.

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