Replacement Windows That Look Like Wood

Replacement Windows That Look Like Wood

replacement windows in Headingly MB

Wood windows were the go-to for centuries, mostly because wood was the most available material. Over the past few decades, however, tons of other materials have popped up for use as replacement windows in Headingly, MB. These other materials offer a lot of positives over wood, but they also look just like wood so you can get the classic style you want.

Whether you’re replacing all the windows in your home or are adding a new window in one room, there are tons of great options for replacement window materials that look like wood. However, there is no harm in exploring wood windows before you choose another material. After all, wood windows have a lasting and traditional visual appeal that keeps your home’s exterior looking natural and classic. Wood windows can be stained or painted to match a variety of home designs or to change things up in the years to come. Plus, when it comes to “going green” wood is one of the best options as it is made from natural materials. Wood windows are also excellent for insulation. Wood naturally inhibits cold and heat transmission, and is a poor energy conductor, meaning wood windows keep the heat or cold from the outside out of your home.

But wood windows need a lot of maintenance. They should be repainted and resealed frequently to keep them functioning at an optimum level and looking nice as they have a tendency to rot and warp due to wet weather and extreme temperature changes. They can also be pretty expensive because they cost more money to make and are always in high demand.

What do you do if you want the look of windows but don’t want all the hassle? You can use vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum clad windows instead!

  • Vinyl Windows – Vinyl replacement windows are some of the most budget-friendly window options and are practically maintenance-free. Plus, they can come in colors and shapes that look just like wood, but they will stand up much better than actual wood in the face of harsh weather.
  • Fiberglass Windows – Fiberglass replacement windows have a wood-like appearance, but they are much more versatile and user-friendly with superior performance. They are warp, swelling, and rot resistant as they are designed to expand or contract at the same temperatures as glass. You can also repaint fiberglass windows if you ever want to switch up the color.
  • Aluminum Clad – Aluminum class replacement windows are wood windows covered in aluminum for extra durability, weather resistance and energy efficiency. With these windows, you still get the style and appeal of traditional wood without all the hassle or maintenance.

If you want to invest in Headingly, MB replacement windows that look like wood, Pioneer Window & Door Mfg. Ltd is here for you. We have a wide selection of replacement window materials, styles and colors to make sure you end up with the perfect windows for your home. Call or visit Pioneer Window & Door Mfg. Ltd today to learn more.

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