Can You Paint Vinyl Replacement Windows?

Can You Paint Vinyl Replacement Windows?

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Vinyl windows will eventually start to look tired or lose their function. When this happens, is it better to try and paint them or should you just invest in new replacement windows for your Winnipeg, MB home? There is actually a lot of disagreement on this topic, especially when it comes to cost and investment. It is possible to paint vinyl windows. However, just because it is possible doesn’t mean that you should, as there are a few main issues with painting vinyl including:

  • Flaking Paint – The main problem with painting vinyl windows is that paint does not stick to vinyl very well. You could do a great job painting, but then a few days later your windows can end up looking worse because the pain is flaking off.
  • Energy Efficiency – You also need to think about color choice if you are considering painting vinyl windows. Darker colored paint can attract and absorb more solar heat, which can add heat stress to your window frames and make them less energy efficient, or even make them warp.
  • Warranty – You also need to be careful painting vinyl replacement windows as this can affect your warranty. Under most warranty plans, altering the window in any way makes the warranty null and void. If you void your warranty, the window manufacturer won’t fix your windows if they break or malfunction. There are some window manufacturers that let you paint vinyl windows, but they usually only accept certain colors.

Sometimes homeowners can’t afford new replacement windows, so they paint their old ones to tide them over while they save for new ones. If you understand the risks of painting your vinyl replacement windows and want to paint them, just follow these steps:

  • Gather Supplies – You will need: 220-grit sandpaper, alkyd- based primer specifically made to work on vinyl, vinyl safe latex exterior paint, drop cloth, foam paintbrushes, painter’s tape, warm water and sponges
  • Clean the Window – You have to clean the windows before you can paint them. Use gentle soap and water, then wait for the windows to dry.
  • Sand the Window – Roughing up the frame with sandpaper will help the primer stick to the vinyl better.
  • Cover Up and Tape the Glass – Cover and tape the window glass with newspaper or a drop cloth to protect it from drips.
  • Don’t Forget Primer – Be sure to use a primer that is made to work on vinyl. Primers that are not made for vinyl can soften the material and damage the integrity of the window. Using a primer is vital, as it will help the paint stick to the windows.
  • Apply Paint in Thin Coats – Once the primer is thoroughly dry, apply thin coats of paint with a foam brush and allow each coat to thoroughly dry in between. Look for paints made for use on vinyl.

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