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Unfortunately, knowingwhento replace your windows is not always cut and dry. No one wants to unnecessarily replace windows before needed—and no one wants to discover they’ve waited too long, wasting money on energy costs. In this day and age, we all want our hard-earned money to stretch just a bit further out into our future. Our team here atPioneer Window & Door Manufacturinghas created, just foryou,this know-how list to ensure you are confident it is therighttime for replacement windows for your Headingley, MB home.

Know-how: Outdated

A pretty easy deciding factor when it comes to replacing your current windows is to ask yourself this pointed question:are these windows as up-to-date as the rest of my home?Things change, technology advances, and many windows manufactured in the 1980s and before were; well, not as sound as the ones on the market now.

Know-how: Added Resale Value

For those Headingley homeowners itching to sell, new replacement windows for your home—prior to putting the house on the market—is a smart investment move. Buyers are looking for top-of-the-line windows with the highest quality, look, and thermal integrity. New replacement windows can have a 15-40% return on your investment if manufactured and installed well. Plus, when you choose windows throughPioneer,you are choosing a company that manufactures, customizes, and services its own products. This means there’s no middle-person and you save money on your upgrades, which leaves even more room for return when you sell!

Know-how: Warning Signs

If you know what to look for, noticing signs your windows may need replacing is simple! All too often, we meet homeowners who simply do not know what warning signs of failing windows look like. So, we have made it simple; look for:

  • Condensation or frost build-up
  • Drafts in some rooms or areas of a space
  • Cracks or rot in the frames (wood windows)
  • Freezing to the touch in the winter or extremely hot in the summer
  • Increasing heat or air conditioning bill, with no known changes as a cause
  • Difficult operation (pane jams, doesn’t easily open, sticks in place)
  • Slams shut or falls—single- or double pane windows
  • Window suddenly won’t lock

Know-how: Improvements in Technology

Replacement window technology is better than it has ever been. When you come visit the professionals here atPioneer,our team gets excited to share with you the exciting features we have to offer; from energy efficiency advancements and added security measures in our frame designs, to custom glass designs and unique materials to suit any family. Be sure to ask about our:

  • Low-E option for protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Tempered glass for added durability against the elements
  • Bullet-rate glass: for unique security
  • Triple-action foot lock
  • Drainage system
  • Steel reinforcements

Know-how: Your Way

For many residents in this area, the windows in the home were “the best option within the budget at the time.” You know, not exactly the ideal but the windows that “will do for now.” Sound like your situation? Let’s circle back to that “one-day” plan you had all those years ago! Windows can transform your home and bring out the dream you always had. Now that you are more established and more certain of your needs and preferences, the sky is the limit! Whatever you can dream up, the team here atPioneercan make a reality.

So, now you know if it is time to replace those windows—do you know where you will turn for designing and installation? Of course, our team would be absolutely delighted to work with you and your family to replace your current windows. But, you need to feel confident you choose the best of the best, right?

A little about us: The Pioneer Team

Pioneer Window & Doors Manufacturinghas proudly served Headingley, Winnipeg, and the surrounding areas for years; 25 to be exact—and we’re still going strong! We’re passionate about getting the job done right the first time. Doing right by you and yours is so important to us, in fact, that we manufacture our own products! This saves you time and money during the whole process and gives us a more hands-on approach to your specific project. Our installers are factory trained (meaning, we do not contract out our work) and have extensive experience and the right licensure in the industry. We insure our products AND our work to give you peace of mind for the future. Also, ask us about our:

  • PVC Lifetime Warranty
  • Insulated Glass Warranty
  • Hardware Lifetime Warranty

We honor your time, we honor your preferences, we honor your family, and we honor your home. Ready to get started? So are we! We’ll see you soon!

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