Make Your Ceiling Appear Taller

Make Your Ceiling Appear Taller

replacement windows on your Headingley MB

There are tons of ways you can make a ceiling appear higher than it actually is as everybody wants tall ceilings, but not every house has them. From removing crown molding to installing new replacement windows on your Headingley, MB home, here are some ways you can make a ceiling look higher:

  1. Add More Replacement Windows – The more natural light a room has the bigger it feels, both vertically and horizontally. Add more replacement windows to make a room look bigger.
  2. Install Transom Windows – If you can’t install new replacement windows, try adding transom windows on top of your existing openings. Transom windows allow extra light in to create the appearance of more height in the room.
  3. Remove Crown Molding – Crown molding can actually make a ceiling look lower. Get rid of crown molding for a clean, longer look or paint any existing molding the same color as the ceiling to make it feel taller.
  4. Add Up Lighting – Up lighting is a light that shines up a wall. This kind of light makes a wall look taller than it actually is, so installing up lighting, like wall sconces, can make your ceiling appear higher.
  5. Repaint – Make sure the ceiling is painted a light color, white being the best. White lifts and lightens a room to help make it look bigger and taller. You should also use a high-gloss paint on the ceiling as its mirror-like finish reflects more light to make the space feel more expansive.
  6. Install Mirrors – Mirrors reflect whatever is in the room, including light. This reflection increased the perceived square footage of a space and makes the room seem taller.
  7. Lower the Lines – While you’re repainting you can also paint the ceiling down a few extra inches below the line. This is a classic tip that will trick the eye into thinking the ceiling has more height.
  8. Hang High Window Treatments – Rather than hanging your window treatments right above the window, try hanging them closer to the ceiling. This will trick the eye into believing that the window is taller than it really is, which helps elongate the room.
  9. Declutter – Get rid of any unnecessary items you may have on shelves or on the floor, as the more stuff is in a room the smaller and boxier it will feel.
  10. Go with a Bold Rug – A bold rug will draw attention the floor of a room, which will in turn make it seem further away from the ceiling.
  11. Choose Low Furniture – Short or low furniture pieces will maximize the room’s actual height. Plus, the lower the furniture the more natural light you will get from your windows.
  12. Put in Tall Bookshelves – Tall, narrow bookshelves that go all the way up to the ceiling also help trick the eye into elongating the space. Also, try and place books in clean vertical lines on the shelves to further promote the trick.

If you want more design tips or want to learn more about Headingley, MB replacement windows, Pioneer Window & Door Mfg. Ltd is here to help.

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