Update Window Shutters on Your Replacement Windows

Update Window Shutters on Your Replacement Windows

replacement windows on your Winnipeg, MB

Shutters are a great addition to the replacement windows on any Winnipeg, CA home. However, just like anything else, window shutters eventually wear out and need some care, maintenance and attention. If you’re unsure of how to update the look of your home or your shutters, this article can offer helpful inspiration and tips.

For starters, adding a new coat of stain or paint to your home’s exterior, be it the siding or the shutters, can go a long way towards giving your house a shot of style. A new coat of paint on the outside of a home can be just the thing to insert some new style and personality. Siding is pretty easy to paint, but sometimes sprucing up siding doesn’t fully give the house a good new look. That’s when updating window shutters comes in.

Painting window shutters can make them look trendy, fresh and fun, as well as boost their energy efficiency and overall function. It’s also a good idea to update interior window treatments while you’re at it, since interior window treatments can often be seen from the street and can be important for the overall look of the house.

If you are considering painting your window shutters, you need to be sure that you consider a few things:

  • Choose proper paint for your material – Different shutters are made from different kinds of material, and each kind of material requires a different kind of paint. As your local hardware store or paint supplier for advice on choosing the right kind of paint for your shutters.
  • Watch the hinges – If you want to keep operable shutters operable after a paint job, you need to be careful when painting around the hinges and louvers. Don’t paint the hinges or louvres shut, and don’t layer too much paint around them to avoid cracking and peeling.
  • Do you have operable shutters? – There are a few key things to think about when it comes to painting operable shutters. For instance, operable shutters are usually exposed on both sides, so it’s important to paint both sides the same color to match.
  • Check weather rating – If you are painting exterior shutters, you need to make sure that you choose a paint that has a good weather rating, meaning that it will last a long time in the face of sun and moisture exposure. Indoor paint will not last long at all when exposed to the elements.
  • Be careful of paint thickness – Don’t paint shutters with too many coats of paint, as this can make them too big to open or close properly. This is especially true if your shutters already have a close fit. It’s often easier to paint light colors over light colors, as this reduces the need to paint layer after layer on top of one another.

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