All About Measuring Shutters for Replacement Windows

All About Measuring Shutters for Replacement Windows

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Adding shutters to the replacement windows on your Winnipeg, MB home is great. Shutters compliment window nicely, and can help boost your curb appeal, increase property value and even lower your energy usage and spending. Finding the right shutters for your replacement windows is the fun part, but then comes the measuring. If you want to add shutters to your replacement windows, you need to be sure you measure your windows correctly. If your measurements are wrong, you might end up with ill-fitting shutters.

These tips for measuring shutters will be a big help as you go about the task:

  • Inside or Outside Mount – Your first step should be deciding if you’re getting inside mount or outside mount shutters, as this will determine how you measure. If your window has a recess that can fit a shutter frame, you can have an inside mount. If your windows have minimal depth or any kinds of obstructions like crank handles, you need an outside mount.
  • Should I Use Laser Measures? – While new gadgets are cool, they are not always reliable. It’s a better idea stick with a standard measuring tape to measure your windows for your shutters. This is especially true because laser measures are not great for measuring small, confined areas like window openings. However, if you want to use your new laser, just double-check the results with a tape measure.
  • Measuring Around Windowsills – A protruding sill or ledge at the bottom of your window doesn’t change anything if you’re going with inside mount shutters. However, if you want outside mount shutters, you do need to add the width of the frame once to your height (as opposed to twice to your width) to get an accurate measurement.
  • Uniquely Shaped Windows – There is a shutter for every window, even oddly shaped ones. If you have bay, bow, circular, or another kind of window shape, get measure the height and width, and then take a picture of the window to send to your shutter manufacturer.
  • Tilting Windows – If you have windows that tilt in for cleaning, you should go for an outside mount, as it will not block the window from tilting. However, if you really want the look of inside mount shutters, you can order them as panels only so you can still tilt the window as needed. Another option is to get an inside mount frame and ditch the tilt.
  • Historic Windows– A lot of historic windows have a colonial trim, making them hard to fit for a shutter. Hard, but not impossible. You can use an inside mount L-frame style shutter to fit your historic windows.

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