Solar Window Shades For Replacement Windows

Solar Window Shades For Replacement Windows

replacement windows on your Winnipeg, MB

Whether it’s winter or summer, or you live in a mild or extreme climate, solar shades are a great investment. Adding solar window shades to your home is sure to make your home more modern, stylish, and energy-efficient. Read on to learn more about solar shades, and how they can boost your plan for replacement windows in Winnipeg, MB.

One of the best parts of solar shades is their varying degrees of openness. When you have higher openness in solar shades, it adds softness to harsh sunlight. You can also have solar shades with lower openness to better protect your privacy and reduce UV ray penetration. In other words, the lower the percentage of openness in the shade, the tighter the weave, and the less light will show through. Also, the higher the percentage of openness in the shade, the clearer the view you’ll have of the outside.

Solar shades are also a great choice when you want to boost your home’s energy efficiency. They allow you to take control over the amount of light and heat that enters your home, thereby giving you better control over your home’s temperature to decrease your energy usage and bills.

You can shop for solar shades by their varying opacities. These opacities are measured in an openness percentage, usually from 14% to 1%. Shades with 1% shade block 99% of UV rays, 10% shade blocks 90% of UV rays, and so on. The most popular opacity for solar shades is 5%. 5% shades are most commonly seen on replacement windows as they offer a clear view of the outdoors while still blocking some of the harmful UV rays.

You can also shop for solar shades by style. The most common styles are interior and exterior. Interior solar shades are designed for use on the inside of your home. They are ideal for colder climates as they are hurt by snow or wind. During the warmer months, interior solar shades help eliminate heat gain. When it gets cold, interior solar shades let in some light to help warm the house. They usually have a range of 30-70% effectiveness.

Exterior solar shades are attached to the outside of the home, similar to awnings. They help keep you at a comfortable temperature whether you are indoors or out, protect your privacy, safety assurance for the product, and regulate temperatures in the warmer months. Exterior solar shades work best on patios, south-facing windows, or decks, and can help reduce the sun’s heat by 80%. Choose a lighter-colored exterior shade to block more UV rays or a darker color exterior shade for better visibility.

Solar window shades come in a wide range of colors, prints, and patterns so you can easily match your existing blinds, décor, and style preferences. No matter what your home needs, solar window shades are a great option.

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