Shutters Vs. Blinds

Shutters Vs. Blinds

Both shutters and blinds are popular for replacement windows in Winnipeg, MB, so how do you choose between the two for your home?

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right window treatment for your home, from weighing the different factors like design preferences and function to staying within your budget, as both offer natural light control, privacy and a host of other benefits. Use this guide to help:

  • Durability and Cost – Blinds are cheaper to install than window shutters, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing because that means blinds aren’t built to last as long as shutters. Most blinds last about five years, but the right kind of shutter can last for decades. Shutters are built to be strong in the face of sunlight, moisture and other chipping, cracking or damage over the years. But blinds are easily damaged. They can be broken, bent or just generally wear out in just five short years meaning that they will need to be replaced more often. These frequent replacements can quickly add up in cost, making you spend more money over time than you would have spent on installing shutters.
  • Energy Efficiency – Energy efficiency should be a big consideration when you choose window treatments for your home. Better energy efficiency means lower heating and cooling costs, which saves you money. And, better energy efficiency is better for the environment. Blinds are OK when it comes to energy efficiency as they block sunlight, but they don’t offer any insulation. In other words, closing blinds in the daytime can keep heat out but closing blinds in at nighttime won’t keep heat in. Shutters, on the other hand, are great insulators. They help trap heated air inside when it’s cold out and help keep hot sunlight from getting in when its warm out.
  • Home Value – Your window treatments have a big impact on your home value. While blinds are cheaper upfront, they don’t add any value to your home in the long run. However, shutters can definitely add value to your home which means that it will be easier for you to sell or refinance your home for a better price down the line.
  • Maintenance Taking care of window treatments it just a part of owning a home as dirty window treatments don’t function well and don’t look good. Frankly, it can be a pain to clean blinds as getting in between narrow slats is difficult. Plus, the cords can get tangled up which is not only annoying but also can be dangerous for pets and small children. But shutters, on the other hand, are much easier to clean. Wider slats mean more ease of dusting, and they only need a wipe down every so often to function well and look good. And shutters don’t have any dangerous cords.

If you want to learn more about Winnipeg, MB replacement windows and treatments to choose what’s best for you and your home, just get in touch with Pioneer Window & Door Mfg. Ltd.

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