Lockport, MB Window Replacements Just For You

Lockport, MB Window Replacements Just For You

For any replacement window project to be a true success, homeowners in Lockport, MB need to get to know the company they will likely use. It should go without saying that you need to ask very specific questions of your near-future installation professionals before you sign a contract and move forward, right? Right.

Subsequently, a good window replacement professional will ask you questions about you and yours. Questions such as:

  • What is your family’s style?
  • Is your family traditional? Eclectic? Do they like old-time details or contemporary features?
  • Does your family like to host dinner parties or holiday gatherings?
  • Do you like to enjoy fresh air and lots of natural light?

Whatever routine, whatever excites your family-a true window installation professional will want to know!

Our team here at Pioneer Window & Door has been serving the Lockport, MB area for 25 years (and counting). Our culture is one of excellence and open-mindedness. We see a home and we meet a family, and we feel genuine excitement about co-designing with the homeowners for a unique and beautiful result. Projects of many sizes are in our repertoire! As we like to say, if you can dream it up, we will help you make it happen!

So, how do we do it?

Address the bad:
There is nothing wrong with admitting you are no longer a fan of your current home windows. Even if a disdain for the current look is the only reason you want to take on a window replacement project with our team-it’s reason enough for us! So, let’s address the bad:

  • What do you most dislike about your current windows?
  • Are they outdated looking?
  • Are they cheaply designed?
  • Do you like the way they open?
  • Do they jam when you open them?
  • Are they easy for all the members in your home to operate?

These are all worthy reasons to seek upgraded windows.

What do you want?
If you could have any feature, any style, what windows would you choose? Perhaps your current windows do not supply enough natural light for your liking. Or, maybe you have always dreamed of that gorgeous bay window in your master bedroom and now you finally have the budget to make it happen. Together, we will match your must-have list with windows you will love. Here are some examples of options:

  • Casement Windows:
    Opens from the side to the outdoors with a crank handle on the interior and very easy operation. Good for maximum ventilation. Our casement windows seal tightly with three weather seals and a multipoint lock.
  • Awning Windows:
    Similar to a casement window turned on its side. This style opens outward from the bottom with that same crank handle on the interior. Because awning windows open upward and away from the home, they guard the structure against water and runoff from rain and snow. As with our casement windows, awning windows seal tight with three weather seals when closed.
  • Fixed and Picture Windows:
    Best suited for a large space, like master bedrooms and living rooms. Picture window frames have slim profiles for maximum light and viewing area and look lovely sandwiched between two casement windows. They are exactly how they sound: a beautiful picture in the backdrop of your everyday life.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Sliders:
    These are also known as single- or double-hung windows and have practical frames which move up and down (vertical sliders) or left and right (horizontal sliders). Slider windows interlock and provide an excellent seal when closed.
  • Bay and Bow Windows:
    Perfect for added charm and square footage or an added collectibles nook! These are windows with character. Bay and Bow windows have multiple window frames which extend from the exterior of your home and often include casements for ventilation. Great in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms.
  • Shapes, Combinations, and Transoms:
    Design a unique look for your home with our customized replacement windows. Ever seen those unique homes with oddly shaped windows high-up on vaulted ceilings? They catch your eye, don’t they? Or, those lovely transom windows above doors and other movable windows that add just the right amount of added natural light. We design these specific to your wants and needs. Whatever you want, we can manufacture it!

Be sure to get to know the company you entrust with your window replacement project. It takes just a bit of energy to find out all you need to know to confirm the company is reputable, reliable, professional, and friendly. Of course, we hope you choose our team here at Pioneer Window & Door Manufacturing! Matching your home and preferences with the perfect replacement windows would be our pleasure. Our team hopes to meet you soon!

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