How to Use Bay Replacement Windows in Your Home

How to Use Bay Replacement Windows in Your Home

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A bay window is a window with at least three panes of glass that angle away from the house, making an alcove. Bay windows are ideal for use as replacement windows in Winnipeg, MB as they add style, interest, and space to a home as they can create room for benches, storage, and plenty of cozy atmospheres.

If you’re thinking of adding a bay replacement window to your home, you might need some help coming up with ideas of how to use the added space. This list of bay window inspiration is here to help:

  • Reading Nook – A reading nook is the easiest way to use the space created by a bay window and can also work on rental properties. Just add a cushion to the alcove to make it into a cozy spot for reading. Rectangular cushions are best, and additional throw pillows are ideal for covering the uncomfortable or sharp corner edges. Reading nooks look great in children’s bedrooms or in hallways.
  • Pet Bed – Many pets love looking out the windows at birds or passersby. Encourage this cute behavior by making the bay window a pet bed. Install a soft pet bed cushion in the window’s negative space. If the space has storage, use is to store away pet toys and other accessories.
  • Home Office – Look for a desk that would fit inside the window’s nook area to turn a bay window into a convenient and compact home office. This saves on space and creates an office area with tons of natural light and great views of the outside.
  • Dining Space – Let the curved shape of the bay window be the definition of a dining nook in your kitchen. Add a curved banquette or custom bench to the window, then finish off the look with a round table and matching chairs.
  • Extra Storage and Seating – Get tons of function by adding storage and seating to a bay window. Whether you have a small home and need more storage or want to add more space for guests when entertaining, making a bay window into a storage bench is a great idea. The best way to do this is to hire a contractor to build the storage bench as the dimensions can be tough to work with. Don’t forget to add a cushion and some throw pillows to make the storage bench stylish as well as functional.
  • Kitchen Garden – As bay windows bring in tons of natural light, they are ideal for window gardens. Whether in your kitchen or in another room of the house, put a drip tray down and then add pots and planters to the windowsill to grow your own herbs and spices, gorgeous greens that look modern and stylish, or pretty flowers that add color.

Bay windows are a great choice for any home whether or not you use these ideas. Please call or visit Pioneer Window & Door Mfg Ltd if you want to learn more about bay windows or Winnipeg, MB replacement windows.

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