Home Security and Custom Windows and Doors

Home Security and Custom Windows and Doors

custom windows and doors to your Winnipeg, MB

You most likely already know that adding custom windows and doors to your Winnipeg, MB home can make it more valuable, fashionable and energy efficient. What you might not have thought of, though, is how important your custom windows and doors are for your home’s security.

Older, less modern window and doors are oftentimes unsecure, allowing burglars or other people with bad intentions access to your home. How can you tell if your old windows and doors might be potential targets? Look for these signs:

  • Your entrances are older, making them vulnerable. If your old windows or doors don’t close properly or are loose, they are a big risk to your home.
  • If they have damage or other signs of problems, like cracks or breaks in the glass, rust, or rot, they are calling out for invaders to get in without any trouble.
  • Can people outside on the street easily see into your home from your windows or doors? If people on the street can, so can potential burglars.

Don’ worry if your old windows and doors have any of these issues, because custom windows and doors can easily fix all these problems and more. You can make your new windows and doors even safer with a few adjustments and extra features. Consider additions such as:

  • Tempered Glass – Tempered glass is made with special thermal and chemical treatments to make it almost double as strong as regular glass. Should it break, tempered class with break into small granular shards rather than dangerous, jagged pieces.
  • Window bars – Consider adding window bars for added protection. Go with a model that can be released from the inside in case of emergency.
  • Laminated Glass – Laminated glass is similar to tempered glass in that it holds together when broken, but it also provides extra noise control so you get less noise pollution from outside in your home. Laminated glass is ideal for windows in bedrooms.
  • Extra Locks – The average window or door comes with a basic lock, but you can increase your window security by investing in an extra lock. Add a locking pin to hung windows, and a bolt to casement windows. Try to buy all the locks from the same manufacturer to make getting replacements and parts easier.

Security risks are scary, but it’s much better to plan for a potential threat than try and take action after your home’s been burglarized or threatened. Make your custom windows and doors even safer for your home by these easy add-ons and security features.

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