Get Flexible Screens for Your Replacement Windows

Get Flexible Screens for Your Replacement Windows

replacement windows on your Winnipeg, MB

Replacement windows help your home in many ways, like letting in natural light, controlling the temperature inside your home, and providing extra security. The replacement windows on your Winnipeg, MB home are also vital for ventilation. When you open a window, you’re allowing fresh outside air to circulate in your home. However, if you’re not careful, you’ll also be letting in pests, dirt, dust and other unwanted guests. That’s where window screens come in.

Window screens are very important as they help your replacement windows do their jobs safely and effectively. Not to mention they also keep your home comfortable and safe. There are lots of different kinds of window screens, each made of different material. You can get window screens made of polyester, aluminum, nylon, metal wire, fiberglass, or even copper or stainless steel. There are some window screens that are stretched into a wooden or metal frame, and yet others still that roll away into a pocket when not in use.

A good place to find screens for your windows is to look into the most advanced and helpful kind of screen: the flexible window screen. Unlike traditional window screens that are difficult to move, rigid and easily damaged, flexible window screens are built to be damage resistant, lightweight, easy to install, and easy to maintain. Flexible window screens are also stylish and attractive as they come in a wide range of colors and never have to be painted. Flexible window screens snap right into the replacement window frame pocket for increased visibility. They offer great benefits for any home including extra protection.

Flexible window screens help keep out insects, pests, leaves, debris, dust and dirt just like regular window screens. However, because of their unique design they also keep out external elements like snow or rainwater. Flexible screens also help with ventilation, as their unique design also makes them even better at allowing in ventilation while keeping out unwanted outdoor elements. Finally, they’re downright tough. Flexible window screens are incredibly damage resistant and durable. They’re much less likely to tear or dent when hit, which allows them to last for years and make them an ideal investment for any home.

They also offer sunlight and heat regulation. Traditional window screens are too thin to offer any protection from the sun, while flexible window screens have a thicker design that reduces heat and sunlight getting into the home. This helps keep the home cooler and reduces sun damage on carpets and furniture. Some flexible window screens can also minimize UV ray entry into the home while enhancing privacy.

These modern and advanced screens make great accessories to high quality replacement windows. If you want to learn more or have questions about your options for Winnipeg, MB replacement windows, just reach out to Pioneer Window & Door Mfg Ltd. You can stop by and visit us at 3224 Portage Ave Winnipeg, MB R3K 0Y8 or give us a call at (204) 889-8422 to learn more about what we can do for you.

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