Pioneer Window & Door Mfg. Ltd. are proud to provide quality crafted second generation Energy Star certified windows and doors made here in Manitoba. This guarantee is supported by all of our employees who are 100% committed to pleasing you, our customers, with every phone call, every visit, every order. Pioneer Windows have been tested and CMHC certified. Our frames are built and designed to keep out the weather and keep you enjoying the view for years to come. Give us a call (204-832-5586) as soon as you’re ready to tackle your next window replacement project!

There’s a lot to juggle when preparing for a window replacement project, isn’t there? Homeowners have to consider budget, style, energy efficiency, company options, etc. We live in a budget-minded and responsible culture so, for most of us, frivolous spending is a non-option. We have families, spouses, housemates, and responsibilities.

The professionals at Pioneer Window & Door Manufacturing can help you make responsible decisions for your St. Francis Xavier, MB home. After all, we want you to step back after the project is complete and feel good about your choices; like you made the best choice for your family and got the most beautiful, quality windows you could have ever imagined.

First things first: do you know the lingo? Because we have learned that clients are often confused by some of the terminology used in this industry, we thought we’d equip you, before you come visit our showroom! (Plus, you will impress the Pioneer professionals with your knowledge—always a bonus.)

  • Window styles: single- and double-hung, awning, casement, picture, slider, bow, bay, transom, shape. A quick search on the internet will give you a great idea of each of these (plus, you’ll impress your Pioneer professional!).
  • Other installation terms: jamb, thermal break, hardware, sash, pane, Low-E, cladding, grilles, argon gas, airspace. Each of these has to do with a specific feature within many types of windows.

Now that you know some common terms, here’s a list of responsible reasons to upgrade your home with Pioneer replacement windows:

Energy efficiency!

This is as good a reason as one could ever have to replace his/her current windows. Energy efficient windows translate to money saved and environmental kindness. In general, windows take up approximately 10-15% of the wall space in the average home. But, when improperly installed or manufactured and without various energy-savings features, they can be responsible for 20-30% of your heat/cool air loss. This is especially concerning in our snowy environment. Options to combat this energy loss are:

  • High-quality windows manufactured and installed by Pioneer (which is also a cost-saver!)
  • Dual pane or triple pane windows
  • Low-E glazing
  • Argon gas-filled space between dual or triple panes
  • Materials known for combating heat transfer, such as wood windows with metal cladding, vinyl, etc.
Noise Control!

Admit it: you are tired of hearing the neighbors with their noisy cars, kids, and music. That’s ok—we have windows for that. Do you live near the airport or a hospital with their round-the-clock sounds? That’s ok—we have windows for that. Are you on a busy road or schoolyard with the horns and bells and screaming children? That’s ok—we have windows for that. Pioneer can help you choose windows designed for noise control and mitigation.

Safety and Security!

These days, security is “up there” on the list of priorities for any homeowner. It is high on our list, too! We want you to feel safe from natural disasters and intruders in your home. Pioneer offers various safety features with our windows, such as:

  • Tempered glass: a heat treated glass designed for safety. It’s thick and less easily broken.
  • Specialty glass: ask our team about your options, which include leaded x-ray glass, fire rated glass, bullet rated glass, blast rated glass, and wired glass. Further, our team can show you our multi-point lock features.
Easy Operation!

Pioneer windows are designed with you and your family in mind. Do your current windows fight you when you try to open them? This can happen over time due to rot or warp, cheap materials, damage, or poor maintenance. Let’s fix this. Your family should have windows that open and close just as intended. Additionally, more easily operating windows actually increase safety, as in cases of emergencies (fire, intrusion, etc.); members of your household can easily use your windows for a fast escape if ever needed.

Resale Value!

It’s no secret that home buyers look for quality windows. The windows represent the quality of the structure and the level of care the previous homeowners had for the home. Windows can make or break a sale. Choose wisely (hint: Pioneer!), and you will have increased the value of your home significantly; thus, increasing the list price. For St. Francis Xavier homeowners looking to sell, you will want to the most return on your house—new replacement windows with Pioneer is a sure-fire way to do that.

Protection from UV Rays!

Pioneer windows can help protect your family and your furniture from harmful UV rays through Low-E glazing. Not only does this feature protect the thermal integrity of your windows, it also protects your skin from damage and your furniture, floors, and rugs from fading over time!

Come check out our showroom at the address listed below. We know you’ll fall in love with our windows and feel good about your responsible choice: replacement windows with Pioneer Window & Door Manufacturing!

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