Choosing The Right Replacement Windows For Your Winnipeg Home

Choosing The Right Replacement Windows For Your Winnipeg Home

25 years of experience in window manufacturing and installation has created in our team a culture of excellence and service to the community of Winnipeg, MB. At Pioneer Window & Door Manufacturing, we take making improvements to our customers’ homes very seriously; particularly when it comes to window replacement projects. You see, matching windows to an already-existing structure with an already-established design and a family with its own personality and needs is an art in and of itself.

So, how do we do it?

With any project-large or small-we will want to get a sense of your family’s unique personality. Is your family traditional? Eclectic? Private? Outgoing? Do they like to host dinner parties or have coffee in the mornings on the porch? Whatever routine, whatever excites your family-we want to know! Getting to know you will help us guide you to the right windows to serve your preferences. Further, we will discuss what you want out of your home windows. Here’s how we will find the right windows for you:

We’ll start with your current dislikes:
What do you most dislike about the windows you currently have in your home? Why are you looking for replacements at all? Perhaps your windows are outdated or have begun to jam when you open or close them. Maybe you have never liked the way they open because it’s not conducive to cleaning or easy operation. Perhaps there is condensation building in the corners and you have noticed drafts in one or more rooms. These are all worthy reasons to seek upgraded windows.

Then, we’ll discuss your wants:
If you could have any feature, any style, what windows would you choose? Maybe you want more natural light than your current windows provide or some contrast in window options across some of your larger walls. Together, we will match your must-have list with the windows which offer features you want, such as size and type. Here are some examples:

  • Casement Windows: This style window opens from the side, either to the left or right. They open outward with a crank handle on the interior with very easy operation. With regard to maximum ventilation, casement windows are ideal. Further, our casement windows here at Pioneer Window & Door Manufacturing seal tightly with three weather seals and a multipoint lock. Tip: these are perfect when they’re positioned on either side of a large picture window or in guest bedrooms!
  • Awning Windows: Awning windows are like casement windows turned on their sides; they open outward from the bottom with the same type of crank handle on the interior. What makes awning windows unique is their position to the outside conditions. Because they open upward and away from the structure, they guard the home against water when it rains. As with our casement windows, awning windows seal tight with three weather seals when closed. Tip: perfect for kitchens and bathrooms!
  • Fixed and Picture Windows: Fixed and picture window frames are best suited for large spaces-though you certainly can use them in any room you see fit. Picture window frames have slim profiles for maximum light and viewing area. Tip: great in living room areas!
  • Horizontal and Vertical Sliders: Also known as single- or double-hung windows, these practical frames move up and down (vertical sliders) or left and right (horizontal sliders). Slider windows interlock and provide an excellent seal when closed. Tip: wonderful option for the budget-minded family!
  • Bay and Bow Windows: These are windows with character. Bay and Bow windows have multiple window frames which extend from the exterior of your home and often include casements for ventilation. Our professionals love to customize these window styles to fit the look of our clients’ homes and accent their unique character. In fact, we enjoy building our bay and bow windows to custom angles and dimensions so your home is designed specifically for you! The best part about these two similar-yet different-styles is that they create increased living space, window seats, and collectible display space.
  • Shapes, Combinations, and Transoms: Are you a lover of oddly shaped windows? We are, too! What about our transom windows (set above the door or larger window)? Great! Our professionals would love to design a unique look for your home with our gorgeous, quality replacement windows. Truly, the possibilities are endless! We manufacture specific to your needs. Whatever you want, we can manufacture it.

We can’t wait to work with you on your home window replacement project. Matching your style and preferences to the perfect windows for your home, lifestyle, and family personality is an art. It would be our privilege to earn your business and satisfaction. Give Pioneer Window & Door Manufacturing a call or visit our website to get an estimate on your project, here.

We cannot wait to meet you!

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