The Right Replacement Windows For Your East St. Paul, MB Home

The Right Replacement Windows For Your East St. Paul, MB Home

Finding the right windows for our whole-home window replacement project is overwhelming. Further, finding the right window installation company and contractor is unnerving, is it not? What’s more, finding both requires homeowners to know the right company to use, the right materials to select, the best styles for the home, equipped for the unique weather (in our case, East St. Paul, MB), and the most affordable price-point.

We get it. It’s a lot. The team at Pioneer Window & Door Manufacturing knows all about the stress involved in a window replacement project because we work with stressed clients all year long. So, we know how important it is for you-the homeowner-to know the right information to guide you along your window replacement journey!

Where to start? Sometimes the best place to start is with general information that funnels you in the right direction-like Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Our team has created a list of FAQs just for you, to get you thinking about your next project in the right way:

– How do I find a good replacement window contractor?

The internet is a tremendous resource. Use it! See what others have to say about their experiences with window replacement contractors. But, do not stop there. The people in your life are also fantastic resources: your neighbors, coworkers, acquaintances, friends, family members, even your barista. Surely, someone you know has been through a home replacement project with a local contractor. Ask them about their experience and results.

– What is window condensation?

For starters, it is a sign you may need to consider replacement. Condensation can appear as water, frost, ice, or a combination of these. This happens when the temperature is lower than the dew point. Newer windows do a great job of preventing condensation. In fact, Pioneer designs windows that maintain a surface temperature above the dew point and block heat transfer through the window panes.

– How do I evaluate my window installer candidates?

Questions. Ask lots of questions! Be sure to inquire about references and ask for examples of their recently completed work.

– What is a draft?

Also an indicator you may be looking for replacement windows in the very near future. Drafts are caused by poorly sealed, inadequately insulated, or improperly installed windows. Hopefully, your windows and/or installation work are still under warranty if you’re experiencing this issue.

– Is impact resistant glass worth the cost?

This is specific to the family’s preferences and perceptions of their environment. At Pioneer, we offer many types of increased security window options, including impact resistance of various types. Together, we can assess what you need and/or want to keep your family and belongings as safe as can be from natural disasters, intruders, or strong storms.

– What is Low-E glass?

Low-E stands for “Low Emissivity” This is a nearly invisible layer added to the glass of a window (or door) to block infrared and UV light. This is important for three reasons: it is added protection against skin damage, it blocks heat or cold from the outdoors from affecting the indoor temperatures, and it protects furniture, floors, and rugs from fading. NOTE: 20-30% of energy loss from inside our homes happens through our windows, when not properly installed, manufactured, or protected with additional energy-saving features.

– Are there companies that manufacture their own window products?

Yes, there certainly are. Pioneer is one of those companies.

– Why is it better to choose a company which manufactures its own window products?

The advantage for homeowners to choose a company that designs its own windows is to buy direct (no middle person) and save. Plus, we service our own products, should an issue ever present itself.

– What makes a window energy efficient?

Energy efficient windows have several traits in common with one another. For starters, they are manufactured with quality frame materials which are known to insulate well against outdoor temperature fluctuations and prevent heat/cold transfer. They often have multiple window panes, sometimes with air, krypton, or argon gas in between the panes for assisted insulation. As mentioned above, Low-E glass is a feature that’s become very popular (especially in a cold climate like this!) to reflect infrared light away from the home’s interior to keep heat inside throughout the winter. And energy efficient replacement windows have multi-chamber construction for increased thermal insulation. In addition to these measures, Pioneer windows include triple weather seals for superior air infiltration performance and triple pane or dual pane options.

– How do I know I’ve chosen a reputable company?

Research is important. Look up the company and evaluate the years they have been in service to your community and what previous clients think of their work. And, of course, go with your gut!

Windows are no longer what they used to be: little more than a hole in the wall keeping out weather elements-they are so much more! Give our staff a call and let’s make your home beautiful!

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