A Patio Door For All Seasons

A Patio Door For All Seasons

There simply is no memory like the memories made at home. Time together for holiday dinners with snow piled on the patio is precious. Quiet nights spent curled up in the den watching late-night television while the moonlight filters through the patio doors are cozy. Barbecues on the deck with the patio door open filling the house with yummy grill smells and those mornings dipping Easter eggs in the kitchen with the sun shining through the patio door are unforgettable.

We treasure our memories with our families. Especially the ones framed by the patio door-did you notice the theme? Whether we notice it or not, many of our lovely memories we’ve made and the precious ones we will make happen either just inside or just outside our patio doors.

Have you been thinking about adding or upgrading a patio door in your home? Right now is the perfect time to do so, with summer around the corner. Here in Winnipeg, MB, we only have so many months each year ideal for home projects, so it’s important to start brainstorming now so your summer plans can fall into place!

Patio doors are perfect for allowing access to outdoor living spaces. And, our patio doors are designed with Manitoba weather in mind. Plus, they are highly customizable to suit the look and functionality you desire. To make things easy, our team here at Pioneer Window & Door Manufacturing has created this “Tip List” just for you, to get those “patio door project wheels” turning:

Tip #1: location
Think about where your patio doors should or could go. Even though many homeowners have patio doors as their off-kitchen pass through to the backyard, this is not the only place you can add one! Patio doors work anywhere! Imagine two beautiful French-style sliding doors off the corner of your master bedroom. Or, on the upstairs deck! Or, just between the living room and the four-season-porch.

Tip#2: available space
Do you have significant of extra space or a large, blank wall? Let’s use it for a beautiful patio door! Extra space provides us many options: large doors, small doors, double or single doors, double sliding doors, etc. Smaller spaces, however, require us to assess limitations to ensure you are happy with the fit. Together, we will look at your layout, options for placement, where your furniture both indoors and outdoors will be, etc. Our Pioneer professional will work with you to discuss modifications and customizations to work perfectly for your space.

Tip #3: wide doorway
Whether you have a large space or a small one, we always encourage Manitoba homeowners to choose the widest door possible to create the best connection to the outdoors and most conducive functionality for use.

Tip #4: glass options-if it’s glass, Pioneer does it!
The glass is a major component of patio doors; so, you will want to choose the best. Here are Pioneer, your options include:

  • Tempered glass: this gorgeous glass option is created through heat-treated glass which is extremely durable and resists impacts. It is a “toughened” type of safety glass processed by controlled treatments specifically designed to increase its strength by comparison to normal glass.
  • Specialty glass: Leaded X-Ray Glass, Fire Rated Glass, Bullet Rated Glass, Blast Rated Glass, Wired Glass, Textured Glass, Clar-Vista glass (extremely clear, thick glass without a green edge) and Fireplace Glass.
  • Low-E glass glazing: to lower energy bills throughout the year and protect your family, furniture, and flooring from harsh UV rays.
  • Double and triple pane: for increased insulation

Tip #5: material options
As homeowners, you will want to ensure the patio door you choose matches the interior and exterior of your home. Pioneer supplies and installs Novatech patio doors with a number of available variations. Ask our professionals about the options regarding security and thermal performance-we would love to tell you about these! Rest assured, all of our patio doors are high performance easily operable. Our PVC (vinyl) patio doors are all maintenance-free. To suit alternate preferences, we also offer aluminum options and interior oak veneer finishes to match the interior look of your Winnipeg home. Our patio door technology includes:

  • Steel reinforcements
  • “Prestige” mortise handles with optional key lock
  • Low-E sealed unit with Edgetech Super Spacer
  • Optional “four in one” exclusive welded PVC brick mold with anodized aluminum sill extension
  • Tandem bearings with frontal adjustments
  • Optional aluminum sill cover
  • Triple-action foot lock mechanism
  • 4 5/8″ frame (3 1/4″ behind the integrated nailing flange)
  • Anodized aluminum screen rail
  • Drainage system with anti-return flap (water and air)

Is this the year you will choose to upgrade your patio doors and enrich your future memories? We certainly hope so! Give our Pioneer Window & Door team a call. We’ll be more than happy to go over your options. We look forward to meeting you!

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