Patio Door Security

Patio Door Security

patio doors in Winnipeg, MB

Patio doors are a wonderful addition to any home. However, it’s important to keep in mind that your Winnipeg, MB patio door can be a potential security threat. It takes less than one minute for an experienced burglar to break into a patio door.

Don’t despair! Use these patio door security tips and tricks to keep your home and family safe.

  1. Extra Locks – Most patio doors have simple latches that are easy to bypass. Adding an extra lock to your patio door is a quick and easy way to increase security. Choose a lock made from a super tough material that you can attach to the bottom or top of the door. These top and bottom locks make it harder for someone to jiggle the door open, keeping your home safe at night or when you’re away.
  1. Alarm System – The majority of patio doors are hidden from view in a backyard or side entrance. This makes them a more ideal target for burglars. While you can’t move your door, you can install an alarm system. Get a system that sounds the alarm when the door has been breached so you are instantly aware if someone breaks in, and wont be caught off guard.
  1. Privacy Film – One of the best things about patio doors is that they are generally mostly glass so you can see outside. However, this means people can also see in and potentially have an easier time casing the house to see if there’s something worth stealing inside. Install a privacy film to make sure people can’t see in through your patio doors. There are easy to install options that are removable. You can also install shades or drapes to close at night or when you’re out of town.
  1. Security Bar – Patio doors can be easily dislocated if they’re on a track, but a simple security bar will stop that from happening. You can purchase a wooden dowel and cut it to fit inside the door’s track to prevent it from being open or jimmied. You can also buy a security bar from your local hardware store so you don’t have to cut wood or have a less attractive, unfinished dowel on display.
  1. Glass Film – Its unfortunately very easy to break the glass on a patio door and get in, but luckily you can easily prevent that by installing clear, shatter-proof film on your door’s glass. This film is easy to install and can withstand repeated, hard blows, meaning a bad guy would have to cause quite a racket to get in.

Don’t get rid of your patio doors because of security problems. Use any of these ideas to make your patio door more secure so you can enjoy your door and stay safe.

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