Energy Star Replacement Windows

Energy Star Replacement Windows

Winnipeg, MB replacement windows

Energy Star is an internationally recognized program that helps consumers and businesses alike save money and help the environment at the same time by offering energy efficiency ratings, information, and helpful programs. A large portion of Energy Star information is geared towards replacement windows and doors so families like yours can have the most energy efficient Winnipeg, MB replacement windows possible.

Energy Star helps homes and business by testing and rating different windows, doors and other products. These ratings help consumers find the most energy efficient products depending on needs, location and climate. Energy Star Canada is a voluntary program, meaning businesses and organizations do not have to participate. However, Energy Star labels have become synonymous for trust and quality, so most companies choose to submit for Energy Star testing.

Energy Star Replacement Windows

In Canada, replacement windows receive Energy Star ratings based on the following values:

  • U Factor – The heat transfer rate from warm to cold areas. The lower the ratings, the more efficient the window.
  • SHGC – Solar heat gain coefficient rates the amount of heat from the sun that can move through the window. The higher the number the better.
  • Energy Rating – The balance between the U-factor, SHGC and air leakage. A higher rating is better.
  • Visible Transmittance – VT is the amount of visible light a window allows through. The higher the rating, the more light can go through.
  • R-Value – A window’s resistance to heat transfer measured in square feet per hour. A higher rating means a more efficient window.
  • Centre- Of-Glass Rating – The window’s glass energy efficiency rating.

While there aren’t any specific requirements for construction or materials in order for a replacement window to be highly rated through Energy Star, there are some industry-wide trends that may help you choose the best replacement vinyl windows for your home. Some of these trending features include:

  • Quality Materials – High quality window materials, like vinyl, offer better insulation and heat and cold transfer rates.
  • Low-E Glass – Low-E glass is coated with a transparent film to help reflect infrared light back outside rather than allowing it inside.
  • Spacers – Spacers keep glass panels the proper distance apart for effective insulation and even noise reduction.

Energy Star Replacement Windows for Winnipeg

Different climates require different window construction and properties for effective energy efficient replacement windows. Energy Star conveniently separates Canada into climate zones so consumers can quickly and easily find what properties their new windows should have for the best energy efficiency.

Winnipeg is in Climate Zone 2. Energy Star recommends the following ratings for energy efficient replacement windows in the Climate Zone 2:

  • Energy Rating of at least 29
  • Maximum U-factor of 1.40
  • Air leakage value of 1.5 or less

Pioneer Window & Door Mfg Ltd

The right replacement window in Winnipeg, MD can really make or break your home’s energy efficiency to not only reduce your energy spending but also keep your home comfortable no matter what the season.

Pioneer window & Door Mfg Ltd is proud to offer Energy Star rated replacement windows. Visit our store at 8 Fast Lane Headingley, MB, R4H 0C5, or give us a call at (204) 889-8422 to learn more about Energy Star replacement windows.

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