Patio Sliding Door Installed Warranty

Frame Components Pioneer Window & Door Mfg. Ltd. warrants PVC and White Aluminum material against rotting, peeling, buckling, blistering, cracking and major uneven discoloration for a period of 20 Years. Painted or stained doors will be free of peeling, flaking or blistering on the applied surface for a period of 10 years
Sealed Units Pioneer Window & Door Mfg. Ltd. warrants against visual obstruction due to seal failure, which results in moisture between glass surfaces, for a period of 10 years. Under no circumstances is broken glass covered under this warranty. The Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) for glazing quality glass state that defects such as minute bubbles, eyes, crystals and/or scratches are normal for glass products.
Blinds Pioneer Window & Door Mfg. Ltd. Warrants the operating mechanism for internal blinds for a period of 10 years.
Hardware Pioneer Window & Door Mfg. Ltd. Warrants the hardware will remain in good working order for a period of 1 year.
Screens Holes and rips in screens are covered for 10 days after the completion of the install. Parts are free, labour and/or delivery not included. A screen will not stop a child from falling out of a window.
Installation Pioneer Window & Door warrants that: 1) The installation will be level, square and plumb for a period of 15 years, 2) The insulation will remain effective for a period of 15 years, and 3) The exterior sealant will not crack or separate for 2 years.
Labour Pioneer Window & Door will service products for the periods specified. If labour is required to replace or service defective parts, labour will not be covered after a period of 2 years. If special equipment is required to perform replacement, the labour and costs related to the equipment are not covered. This Includes but is not limited to; Cranes, Aerial Work Platforms, Scaffolding and Swing Stages.

This warranty is to the original purchaser and may be transferred to a subsequent owner. It is for residential use only and limited to a single or double family dwelling. This warranty does not apply to commercial properties.

Pioneer Window & Door Mfg. Ltd. will repair or replace defective components at their discretion. Products may be substituted during the repair or replacement process.Pioneer Window and Door Mfg. Ltd. reserves the right to inspect the premises if required.

Please fill out the attached papers and submit to Pioneer Window & Door Mfg. Ltd. Forms must be received no later than 30 days after the invoice date or the warranty will be void.

Warranty is void until all outstanding invoices are Paid in Full

Warranty timelines are based on the pickup time or Delivery time by Pioneer Window & Door Mfg. Ltd. Subsequent appointments or warranty/service work do not reset or change the warranty timelines.

Notice of warranty work required must be given no later than 30 days after the discovery of the problem.

Pioneer Window & Door Mfg. Ltd. is not responsible for:

  • Incidental or consequential charges such as, but not limited to, labor costs for any purpose, inconvenience, damage or injury to persons or property, or any other expense.
  • Service, workmanship or materials damaged as a result of installation by anyone other than a Pioneer Window & Door Mfg. Ltd. representative.
  • Seasonal Strike Plate or Keeper Adjustments and/or Adjustments required after changing hardware.
  • Damage or Failure as a result of debris, snow, or anything affecting the proper operation and/or sealing of the door.
  • Products tampered with or modified by any person other than a Pioneer Window & Door Mfg. Ltd. representative.
  • Condensation on the windows likely, occurring as a result of high humidity in the building.
  • Minor imperfections that do not affect structural integrity or obscure vision.
  • Damage resulting from act's of God such as, but not limited to, hail, heavy rainfall, flood, tornado, or natural disaster.
  • Damage or defects as a result of failing to follow the care and maintenance manual available on the website.
  • Failure of or damage from non-manufacturer painting.
  • Damage resulting from abuse, accidents, alterations or misuse including damage from improper cleaning.
  • Normal wear and tear, including wear from the elements (sun damage, wind water/moisture)
  • Damage from the failure of roof or wall systems.
  • Damage resulting from defects of the home, high humidity, localized application of heat, excessive vibration, movement/shifting of the building or its foundation.

Transfer of Warranty

Transfer registration papers must be submitted to Pioneer Window & Door Mfg. Ltd. no later than 30 days after the date of possession.

Warranty Registration Form

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