How to Use Windows to Improve Natural Light in Your Winnipeg Home

Sunlight is essential to boost your mood and brighten your Winnipeg home. If you feel like you are living in a dark property, then it might be time to invest in new windows that will bring the sunlight inside. A few small changes can make a big difference to improve your home.

If you are preparing for window installation, then you need to consider a few important factors that will affect the appearance of the windows:

1. Style of the Windows and Frames

Big, bulky window frames might look stylish and trendy, but the materials will limit the sunlight that can come inside. When selecting windows and patio doors, skip the styles that have big frames that block the view. Instead, look for the styles that increase the glass surface area as much as possible, giving you an incredible view and warm sunlight to enjoy.

2. Placement of the Windows

The amount of sunlight varies depending on where the windows are placed. If the window is positioned on the north side of the home or near large trees, then you won’t have a lot of light coming through. Choose an area that makes it easy to take advantage of natural light based on the position of the sun each day.

3. Don’t Overlook Energy Efficiency

Consider the ways these large windows will affect the energy efficiency of your home. It is nice to have big picture windows to bring in the sunlight. But, you need to choose multiple panes of glass and Low-E coating features to minimize thermal transfer. Enjoy the sunshine without stressing about high utility costs.

4. Compare Window Coverings

In addition to the style and quality of your windows, the coverings will also impact the sunlight levels. Bulky window treatments, such as shutters, can block the amount of light that comes inside. It is nice to have good window coverings that allow you to filter the light as desired. But, make sure that you have the option to uncover the windows as needed so that you can maximize sunlight during certain times of day.

5. Customize Your Window Installation

There’s no reason to stick with generic windows if you don’t like the style or design. Instead, talk to our team about custom solutions that will enable you to create a beautiful home. These customizations can increase the sunlight and boost the appearance of your property at the same time. The easiest solution is to schedule an in-home consultation to learn about the features that are available for your installation. We will discuss your preferences and then design products that match your desires.

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