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As residents of West St. Paul, MB, we deal with a lot of crazy weather, wouldn’t you say? Few inhabitable places rival our snowfall. That is to say, as a people, we are tough. We savor the few short months we have here and then we make the absolute best of the long winters. We’re tough.

Living in an environment such as this, we not only need to have a higher tolerance for what some would call a difficult environment, but we also need to build structures to live in with equally tough features—like solid, quality windows. Am I right? The windows we choose to include in our homes can’t only be pretty and complementary of our design aesthetic; they need to be Manitoba tough, like the residents!

Finding the right window requires us to know the right company to use, the right materials to select, the best styles for our home and weather, and the right price-point. The professionals at Pioneer Window & Door Manufacturing know ALL about Manitoba weather and the importance of TOUGH windows. Further, we know how important it is for you—the homeowner—to know the right information to guide you along your window replacement journey! Check out these Frequently Asked Questions:


NOTE: This is not a complete list of FAQs, but it’s an extensive list designed to help guide you in your project, in your vetting process with contractors, and in your style/budget decisions, before signing a contract.

  • Is it better to go with a company that manufactures its own products?
    Yes, absolutely. There is nothing wrong with a company who partners with outside manufacturers at all—just be sure they are partnered wisely—but when you choose a company (like Pioneer) that manufactures its own windows, you have yourself a one-stop shop which means cost savings for you, the client. Further, Pioneer services its own products, should an issue or break arise.
  • How do I evaluate my candidates?

    Simple. You ask questions and request an appointment with each candidate, including references and examples of their recently completed work.

  • How important are double-paned windows in colder climates?
    Truly, a double-paned window is important in climates with extreme cold and extreme heat. Why? The added insulation guards the indoors from the outdoor fluctuation. So, your cool air stays in when you want, and your warm air stays in when needed.
  • Who should have impact-resistant glass in their homes?
    Depending on the specific impact-resistance the glass is designed for, there are great options for homeowners who want added noise-proofing and security for their families and belongings. This is a good option for homeowners living in coastal areas and any other area prone to strong storms and hurricanes. It’s important to note that impact resistant windows are not a 100% solution to strong winds and intruders, but it is added security. Any glass, if struck repeatedly with powerful blows, will eventually break and shatter. What is unique about this specialized glass is that it will stay in the frame when broken, which causes an intrusion to be much more difficult.
  • How do I choose a reputable company?
    Do your research. Look at how many years the company has been in business—the more, the better—and what previous clients have to say about their work and craftsmanship.
  • When is it time to buy new replacement windows?
    There are a handful of reasons to replace your current windows; namely: when they no longer operate as they should, when there’s rot or warp, when they no longer work for your design due to home upgrades, when you’re preparing to sell to up your asking price, when your energy bill begins increasing due to degrading quality in your windows, when windows have become drafty, etc. A rule of thumb is, “if you feel air when sitting or standing next to the window, you know that moisture and air are coming through.” If you feel unsure, you can give our team a call and we’ll help you know what’s fixable and what needs replacement.
  • What is the best choice of material?
    This isn’t a cut and dry answer. What’s best is what works for your family and your budget. Vinyl is extremely durable. Wood is gorgeous and timeless and, with maintenance, lasts a long time. Metal frames with thermal breaks are great for energy conservation. The list goes on. At Pioneer, we have hybrid options to help fit your budget and the energy conservation or maintenance requirements you have.
  • How important is the installation process?
    This is equally as important as the quality of window you choose. To see your hard-earned money spent wisely, you want to choose high-quality windows and a high-quality installer from a high-quality installation company. And, you want warranties.

Does this FAQs list help? We certainly hope so. For any other questions you may have, give Pioneer Window & Door Manufacturing a call—we would love to any question(s) you have!

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