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Did you know your entry door has alotto say about you and your family? It’s true. Your home’s entry door is the first feature guests and neighbors see and the first conscious impression they will have of what to expect on the other side of the frame. Your entry door is, in fact, the focal point and entrance for every guest, family member, and friend. So, whether you realize it or not, it makes a statement about your unique character.

Here atPioneer Window & Door Manufacturing,our team of professionals aims to match your family’s unique personality and specific needs with our fine-looking, quality entry doors. How do we do this, you may ask? Check out ourRoadmap to the Perfect Entry Door:

Color Matters:

One of the easiest places to start is the color you desire for your front door and what your choice says aboutyou!Here are a handful of popular colors among Winnipeg, MB homeowners:

  • White: This is the color of the decade in many areas of the home. Perfect for the “clean freak” and organized personality. This color communicates a clean home, orderly residents, and traditional undertones to the family disposition.
  • Red: Bold, bright, and makes a statement. Red is the most popular option among home design critics because of its Feng Shui meaning—the color of “recognition.” Are you a family or homeowner who loves to stand out and make a statement? Red is for you.
  • Blue: This color is tranquil and natural. Behind a blue front door is usually the laid-back, low-maintenance family.
  • Dark gray or black: Ultra-dark colors have a sternness and “finality” to them; which is why ash gray or black doors communicate a firm disposition and no-nonsense attitude. If you tend toward direct conversation and practicality, consider a jet black, steel, or ashy gray front door!
  • Wood and/or an earthy hue: Hello, fellow traditionalists and outdoorsy types! Natural grain or faux-wood, evergreen or earthen brown all support the family with traditional preferences and/or a yearning for nature.
  • Fun, whimsy shades: Have you always wanted a non-traditional or typical entry door color? Great! We would love to make that a reality. Purple? Bright orange? Pale yellow? Let’s get creative!

The quality is tied to the material:

Our doors come in all different types of frames to suit you:

  • Pine: a little paint once a year, and these frames stay just like new!
  • Vinyl-wrapped pine: designed to stand the test of time.
  • Composite: maintenance-free, rot-free, mildew-free.

Design to your heart’s content!

The color is the easy choice. Now, let’s look at your design options. Whatever you choose, it should be in keeping with your personal design preferences. Here are some great style examples:

  • Modernized: The easiest definition for the “modern” style door is that it follows early- to mid-century architecture (AKA the “machinery age”). In general, how this look is translated into an entry door is through minimal details and embossments, steel or some other heavy-duty material, large windows and glass panes with transom windows above the frame, and open floorplans. Note: a steel entry door with geometric shapes for windows, complemented with frosted, tempered glass would be just stunning in a modern-style home!
  • Elegant: Look around your home; does it have crown molding (or is that in the works in the near future)? Do you have intricate details in the woodwork and antique or high-end furniture? If so, your Manitoba likely falls into the “elegant” home category. Let’s design you a beautiful entry door with decorative glass and stand-out hardware.
  • Contemporary: These days, many families are choosing simple, clean lines and open spaces for their homes. Contemporary homes are the epitome of classic because they lack in trendy details and adapt well to changing styles and evolving tastes. Our team is very familiar with this style! Together, we’ll design a door so simplistically stunning, your home will be the gem of your neighborhood!
  • Eclectic: Your home doesn’t have to blend in. Eclectic homeowners often opt for bright colors and large hardware and door knocker. What do you want in an entry door to add flare to your home? If you can dream it up, we can make it happen.
  • Country Chic: Chip and Joanna Gaines have taken North America (and the world) by storm. And it’s no wonder—their home and project homes are stunning, country chic designs. Your home can be, too, with an arched front door and transom windows or French doors with custom glass detailing.

We hope this Road Map helped get your creativity flowing and we can’t wait to work with you. Your entry door has alotto say about you. Isn’t it time it represented you accurately? GivePioneera call today!

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