Want To Update Your Dining Room?

Want To Update Your Dining Room?

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Looking to update your dining room? While a full renovation would be great, many people don’t have the time or the budget to completely redo their dining room. Luckily, there are other ways to save the day. A few small but thoughtful upgrades can make a big impact in an out-of-date dining room without breaking the bank. From reupholstering chairs to installing new replacement windows in Headingley, MB, here are tips for updating your dining room:

    1. Invest in New Windows – Nothing makes a room more stylish, welcoming, and warm than an abundance of natural light. The best way to get more light in your dining room? Invest in replacement windows. Plus, new windows will also help make your home more energy efficient.
    2. Try New Window Treatments – Get rid of old or outdated window treatments and invest in some new, modern ones. Since dining rooms are full of hard furniture like tables and chairs, try light or soft treatments like gauzy curtains or minimal treatments like subtle shutters.
    3. Reupholster Dining Chairs – Frumpy or dated chairs can really bring your dining room down. While getting new chairs is fun, you can get the same effect simply by reupholstering your old ones.
    4. Paint the Walls – A fresh coat of paint can go a long, long way towards updating a space. Try a modern, neutral color like grey or khaki, or have some fun and add an accent wall in a bright shade like coral.
    5. Add Wallpaper – Wallpaper is making a serious comeback, especially in dining rooms. A dining room is a great place to play with accent walls, and nothing makes a quicker or easier accent wall than wallpaper.
    6. Invest in Statement Furniture – The central piece of any dining room is the dining table. Therefore, your dining table deserves a bigger budget than any other item in the space. If you choose to invest in a new dining table, be sure to consider size, style, ambiance, and maintenance. Choose a table that will stand up to daily use as well as long-term wear and tear, and also be sure to choose a table that will fit in the room and will fit your family and guests. You can also have some fun and look at tables with interesting features like leaves, storage compartments, and expandable sections.
    7. Change Up Mirrors or Art – The mirrors, art, and other wall décor in your dining room add texture, style and color to the space. So, if you’re feeling bored with the current design, a quick fix is to try out new pieces on the walls. Here’s an expert tip: place a large mirror on the wall opposite windows to make the room feel brighter and bigger.

Pioneer Window & Door Mfg Ltd is here to help if you want more home tips or information on Headingley, MB replacement windows. After all, it’s easy to update your dining room without spending too much time or money if you follow these tips.

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