Replacement Windows and Home Directions

Replacement Windows and Home Directions

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Did you know that your house’s direction impacts how and when the sun hits each room and goes through the replacement windows on your Lockport, MB home? It’s true! The direction your house faces has a big impact on how the sun filters through your windows and therefore how the sun warms and lights the interior of your home. That is why when you’re choosing window treatments, it’s essential to consider when and how the sun hits your windows.

Why? This is about it this way: if your home faces south, you’ll have higher energy bills in the summer because direct sunlight from the south will build up heat and force your AC to work harder. But if your home faces north, it will be cool and comfortable in the summer but chilly and dark in the winter, making your heater work overtime. Similarly, if your house doesn’t point in one of the four compass directions, the sun will hit it from multiple angles and make your heating, cooling, and light control that much more complex.

So, what does all this mean for your replacement windows and window treatments? Adding window treatments that make sense for each window direction will keep every room in your house comfortable all year round. Here are tips for choosing window treatments based on home direction:

  1. North-Facing Windows – North-facing windows get natural light during the day but don’t get much direct sunlight, making north-facing rooms perfect for furniture or activities that require gentle light. Shutters are great for taking advantage of the indirect sunlight that comes in through north-facing windows as you can adjust the louvers to get in at little or as much light as you like or need.
  2. East-Facing Windows – An east-facing window will catch the early sun, which can appear bright and glaring in the morning, and diffused and delicate later in the day. Blackout curtains or room-darkening blinds are ideal for east-facing windows as they will help prevent the bright morning light from waking you up in bed.replacement windows Lockport, MB
  3. South-Facing Windows – South-facing windows get lots of natural light. Of course, the amount of light varies on if you have landscaping, an overhang, a porch, or trees that filter of block the light. However, most do get lots of light and therefore require window treatments that meet your light control needs. For example, roller shades are great for south-facing windows as they block out harmful UV rays while still allowing some sunlight to enter the room. When the shades are down, you can block unwanted light. But you can also raise the shades to let in light when it’s colder in the winter.
  4. West-Facing Windows – West-facing windows get direct light in the afternoon and evening, amplifying the warm tones you have in the room and building up lots of heat in the room. To protect furniture and keep the room at a comfortable temperature without losing natural light, it’s best to use window treatments like blinds. Blinds are a great choice because you can change their angle as the sun moves, diffusing light without blocking it out.

We are here to help if you want more tips on optimizing your Lockport, MB replacement windows, and treatments for your home direction. Call or visit us today to learn more.

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