Decorating the Windows in Your Guest Bedroom

Decorating the Windows in Your Guest Bedroom

Selkirk, MB replacement windows

You can’t forget to think about window coverings for the replacement windows in your Selkirk, MB guest bedroom. But where do you start? Here are tips to help you get the most out of your guest bedroom window coverings.

Decorating your guest bedroom is your chance to have some fun and add both personality and function for the benefit of your guests, and it’s easy to make your guestroom look great with these tips. Start out by choosing warm colors and finishes. Warm colors, meaning those with yellow, orange, or red undertones, will help make your guestroom feel cozy and inviting. While you can still toss in pops of cool colors like grays, purples, and greens, be sure to keep your overall color palate warm to soften the space and make it feel welcoming for your guests. You can also explore adding new colors and decor for variation between repeat visits.

Window treatments are important when it comes to both form and function, making window shutters a great choice. Shutters offer a range of benefits for your guest bedroom, including privacy. They fit tight across the entire window, but the louvres can be tilted up or down to let light in while still maintaining privacy. Shutters are also great for guest bedrooms because they increase home security to keep your guests feeling safe and secure. Shutters completely block off the window so no one can see inside your home, and they stay firmly shut so no one can break in. Shutters also help keep your guests at a comfortable temperature as they are highly insulating. They form a barrier between the outside air and the window to help keep the inside air at the right temperature. As a bonus, this feature also helps you save on energy usage.

Selkirk, MB replacement windowsAlso, neutral doesn’t mean boring. Its best to keep guest room décor neutral as not to overwhelm your guests. Make your neutral color scheme shine with subtle patterns, gradients, or tone-on-tone designs as well as textured fabrics and materials. You can also add in pops of modern hardware on your shutter pulls or curtain rods for a modern touch. Try to keep things consistent. Your guest room is part of your home. As such, it should have décor and window treatments that tie into the style of the rest of your house. While the window treatments in your guest room don’t have to be identical to the ones in your room or the living room, they should have a consistent color scheme or overall style to help pull the house together. Try using the same color curtains or the same shade of shutters to give your window treatments a consistent look. Finally, shutters also come a range of colors and styles to suit your guest room. You can also add curtains and other window finishes on top of the plantation shutters for a completely unique look.

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