Be an Expert Bathroom Designer

Be an Expert Bathroom Designer

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Your bathroom must work for you. It should feel natural to use, be easy to clean and be well lit. If you’re updating your bathroom, you need to follow these golden rules, like where to put replacement windows in Headingley, MB, to make sure your bathroom looks the very best that it can be. Here are the golden rules of bathroom design you should consider as you’re planning your remodel:

  • Incorporate a Focal Point – It’s easy to play it safe with bathroom design, but the most memorable and stylish ones feature a strong focal point with plenty of interest. For larger spaces that may be stand-alone tub, smaller spaces might benefit from standout mirrors or pops of color.
  • Add Storage – Bathrooms hold a lot of stuff, from brushes and blow dryers to face creams, towels, bath accessories, and more. Before you begin planning your bathroom remodel, think about what you need to store. Take that list and keep checking it when adding storage to make sure you have enough space for all the items. Don’t be afraid to get creative with drawers, cabinets, cubbies, or baskets.
  • Don’t Overfill the Space – Bathrooms should be relaxing and calm, not busy and stuffed full of stuff. If your bathroom is filled with fixtures, appliances, and other items, it will feel too cramped to be relaxing or functional. While there is appeal in having a tub, separate shower, twin sinks, and a toilet, chances are that all these items won’t fit in your existing space. Less is more in bathrooms.
  • Make Natural Light a Priority – No one wants to spend time in a dark bathroom, but these spaces often get the shaft when it comes to natural light. Make natural light a priority in your bathroom by replacing existing windows with bigger, clearer models or by adding more replacement windows wherever possible. If you’re really short on space, try adding a skylight! After all, the best natural light comes from above.replacement windows Headingley, MB
  • Play With Details – Are there things you hate about your current bathroom? Are there things you love about it? Consider these questions, and use them as inspiration to come up with details for your new bathroom. If you hate your dirty grout, think about new grout colors that will hide buildup. If you love your white tile, play with different ways of incorporating that color and texture into the new space.
  • Layer Light – While you need natural light in a bathroom, you also need artificial light. Plus, these lights need to be balanced and layered so you have the brightness you need. To help minimize shadows, try a combination of task and ambient lighting. To customize light at different times throughout the day, be sure to choose window treatments you can easily open or close, like shutters, blinds, or shades.

No matter the size or style of a bathroom, there are a few design principles that always ring true. For more tips on home design or information on Headingley, MB replacement windows, give us a call or pay us a visit.

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