The warranties included in this section refer to residential and commercial unit skylights manufactured by Columbia Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (CMCL) All products manufactured by Columbia Glazing Systems Incorporated (CGSI) include a one year warranty. All storefront, curtain wall, structural pyramids, polygons, hipped ridge lights, barrel quarter vaults, walkway covers, lean-tos, spherical domes, t-bar glazing systems, skylight clusters, solariums, curved bay windows, swimming pool enclosures, and any other product manufactured by CGSI or CMCL are provided with a one year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Columbia skylights are warranted to the original retail purchaser against defects in materials or workmanship providing the skylight is installed in accordance with instructions shown on Columbia’s installation instruction manual.

  • This warranty shall not exceed the original purchase price of the skylight, exclusive of shipping and installation charges.
  • The defective unit must be returned to the nearest retail dealer or company factory for replacement or repair, at the company’s option.
  • All shipping charges will be paid by the claimant, not the factory. To make a claim, present proof of skylight purchase and a summary of the defect to the company factory. Do not ship the skylight until the factory has responded to your claim.
  • Not covered under this warranty is loss of light transmission caused by dirt, scratches, breakage or other damage; minor imperfections in glass and plastic components that do not affect the products performance or obscure vision; minor variations in glass or plastic coloration; custom painted skylights, roof windows, Sun Tubes, and flashing systems; applications in areas of high humidity or areas without proper or adequate ventilation or humidity control; damage caused by chemicals used in cleaning skylight frame or acrylic domes; alteration or modification to the skylight.
  • If blinds are installed in skylight lightwells, and there is insufficient air circulation between the skylight and the room below, then skylight warranty is void.
  • If damage occurs to acrylic or glass skylight prior to installation, due to improper storage, such as being placed on roof surface creating a heat seal between the roof and the skylight, the warranty is invalid.
  • Acrylic domes are subject to condensation between panes during prolonged periods of humidity and temperature differential. Condensation must be expected from time to time; however, it will rapidly dissipate with a change in the above noted conditions.
  • The warranty on glass or acrylic skylights is void if the insulated glass or acrylic unit has any film applied to the acrylic or glass surface.
  • Glass skylights are not suitable for flat roofs. Warranty is void if glass skylight is installed on less than a 2:12 pitch roof.
  • All self flashing skylights both acrylic and glass must be installed on a minimum 2:12 pitch roof.


  • Columbia sealed glass unit


  • Wood Roof Windows
  • Sun Tubes
  • Aluminum Cap vinyl or aluminum base frame
  • Flashing Kit
  • Triple glazed and laminated glass skylights on cracking or breakage due to hail


  • Columbia Roof Access Hatch, Circular Roof Domes and Polycarbonate Skylights.
  • All Controls such as Motorized Operators and Rain Sensors, Handles and Rods, Insect Screens, Manual Operators, and Hinges.

Columbia warrants that all skylights, Wood Roof Windows, Sun Tubes, and accessories will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the periods of time listed above. Columbia warrants that all skylights models and accessories will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the periods of time listed above. Columbia will, at its option:

  1. provide a replacement skylight or component delivered at no charge to the original point of purchase, OR
  2. repair the skylight.

This manufacturer’s warranty is made by Columbia Manufacturing Co. Ltd., 4575 Tillicum Street, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, V5J 3J9

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